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Montessori Wood Acorns

Montessori Wood Acorns

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Montessori Wood acorns. Great for sorting, play forest, learning colors. The color recognition in these are great because the neutral tones aren’t available often in wood toys or toys in general! 

Colors: brown, natural, light gray, dark gray, white/cream, and black.

3 acorns per color, 18 acorns in each set.

As a past Kindergarten teacher I created these Montessori wood toys to help children be able to identify things that are often hard or missed when entering Kindergarten.

Grab our bowl set and tray to help you sort!

Spot clean only. Do NOT sanitize, will cause cracking and wood splits. 

I have perfectly made all of our hand painted Montessori Toys have the ability to sort perfectly into our 6 small wooden bowls. Tips for play and sorting are on our instagram @sweetlizasnashville

Hand painted, therefore each tree and each set is unique.

NOT for children under 3!

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