About Us

We are so glad that you found us! Welcome to your new favorite boutique! My name is Elizabeth. I am a former teacher who loves children and finding good quality, long lasting pieces. Being a girl mom there are so many styles and accessories to choose from! During brand exploration, aka dressing my daughter, I have scoured the stores, shops, boutiques, and consignment sales looking for the quality pieces that hold up, wash after wash, and child after child.

I was a product of hand me downs as a child and I was not a fan of run down looks. Thankfully I still got new items every now and then but I am here to bring you the pieces that will last through this child and your next child and your best friends child after that! Welcome to your one stop, curated shop where you don't have to worry or hope for the long lasting life you want! It is here and you can have a happy heart dressing multiple children in our pieces.